Video as a Catalyst for Marketing Campaigns

by Jeff Santoleri - Creative Director

Posted on January 14, 2015

The New Age Marketing Campaign

Every company or service attempts to maintain a brand identity and a specific culture. With the evolution of digital marketing, brands are challenged to stay ahead of the digital demand generation curve and in order to do this, a company must understand the ins and outs of a new age marketing campaign.

What is a Marketing Campaign?

A traditional marketing campaign is based on a schedule and strategy that is designed to engage and retain leads by showcasing products or services to your target demographic. Different forms of marketing materials consist of emails, product/service based landing pages, “free stuff” on form completion, promotional anecdotes, etc. Once a campaign has begun, data sources such as; email addresses, open rate, click rate, view rate and download rate; flow into what is called the “sales funnel”.

Every sales funnel is unique to the product or service, however, the leads must be nurtured properly in order to churn a lead into a tangible return. The challenge that companies face is retaining interest throughout their strategic campaign and guiding consumers through their sales funnel. A great way to stay ahead of the curve and increase lead conversions is by utilizing video as a catalyst for your campaign. Below is a video, created by Red C Media, that was used in a successful marketing campaign by Verifi. The video helped them drive revenue and new business.

Proper Execution

If executed properly, a video can increase your lead conversions astronomically and in most cases shorten the length of your sales funnel. Why? Consumers have almost entirely moved away from reading when learning about a company and their services. A video allows a consumer to get a taste of not only your company culture, but also the nature of your products and services. Many forward thinking companies today are strategically placing video throughout their marketing campaign. Instead of producing just one video to initiate a campaign, they are creating a “video sales funnel” and seeing higher than average returns.

Understanding Marketing Campaigns

If you do not already have a process in place, can be a time consuming and daunting challenge. You will need the proper guidance and be able to trust the vendor or agency to deliver on their service. Many clients choose to have multiple channels that each produce pieces of a campaign and others source the entire job to one entity. There is no correct method, just what feels the most comfortable.

If you have just finished reading this post and would like to discuss the ins and outs of marketing campaigning or more specifically using video as a catalyst for your marketing campaign, please do not hesitate to contact one of Redcmedia’s savvy and exceptionally fun to talk to young professionals.

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