Philadelphia Active Videography

by Jeff Santoleri - Creative Director

Posted on July 15, 2014

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Philadelphia Video Production

The city of brotherly love was once nationally revered as a melting pot of creatives, artists and intellectuals. Like every megatropolis, fashion, art, cultural, business and political trends evolve over time and even though artists still thrive in this visually rich city, digital art and videography have become common place amongst city folk and passersbys simply interested in capturing their next perfect shot.

Philadelphia is chalk full of many different interesting settings for cinematographers to enjoy. From Rittenhouse Square to North Front St, Passyunk East to Fairmont Park, Philadelphia has a wide variety of clean, dirty and downright cool locations to scope and shoot. Not only are there countless locations, the people are also quite interesting if you get to know them. Philadelphia has a reputation of consisting of hard headed, hipster, blue collar, not easy to get along with attitudes which is not the case once you peel off a few layers. Philadelphians are family oriented, hard working, passionate and party people who will only bite your head off at the site of a Yankees jersey. But enough about that. Lets get back to the topic at hand, videography.

Still Life In Motion

With the advent of video cameras becoming much more affordable to the commoner, videographers and photographers are able to storm the city with lightweight gear and take home a piece of city’s rich culture. The video link below was created using nothing more than 2 Canon Mark III cameras and a Countryman Audio Kit. The total media package cost us roughly 5 thousand dollars and has allowed us to create high quality video content at a lower than average rate for many happy clients over the past 5 years.

Video Karma

Here at Redcmedia, we believe it is very important to stay involved in city goings on. Sometimes we like to “freelance” the city in search of interesting people who are willing to speak on behalf of their goals, frustrations, ambitions and so on. After a few tours of Philly riding on bikes and skateboards, we pieced together a motivational video titled “A Life. A Part” with the intentions of giving it back to the city via the world wide web. You may ask yourself why an established video company would want to produce a video with no budget or reason for its creation and I have one simple answer for you. We believe in karma. We believe that karma is alive and living with us every moment of every day our lives. So if we can extract real life emotions from the citizens of our fine city, we have achieved the greatest satisfaction as practicing videographers.

You can call us renegades, innovators or revolutionaries if you want to, but we simply like say we believe in the human race. True art has no price tag. It is simply created for you “the people” to criticize, love, share and maybe even motivate. There will be more videos in the same vein as “A Life. A Part” that will be released so don’t sit at home worried. Everything will be ok.

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