Storytelling Through Video and Its Importance to Brand Identity

by Jeff Santoleri - Video Creative Director

Posted on April 1, 2015

Storytelling Through Video and Its Importance to Brand Identity

Every day millions of unique stories unfold in the lives of every human being on the planet. With the globalization and connectivity in today’s society, business marketing must utilize the different mediums available in order to generate buzz within different cultures and networks.

Video Brand Identity

Businesses now consider brand identity and culture as the most important aspect of their respective organizations. However, despite sharing a common goal of creating a unique brand, businesses have to take different measures to ensure their correct personality persists. Trying to figure out how to project your company or organization in the marketplace in your own unique way is quite difficult. The marketplace is constantly evolving alongside the most recent industry trends, so how can you produce video marketing content that will “stick” with your consumer base?

The answer is quite simple. Businesses have to uncover stories as they occur, document them in as many formats as possible and then reveal current problems and solutions so that their customer base and networks can relate to them. Sometimes these stories are very easy to identify, but in the daily hustle and bustle they become increasingly harder to pin point. Creating a video and desired marketing schedule will help you along your marketing/storytelling journey. View the video below below created for Arraya Solutions, a business that provides a broad range of integrated technologies. This video crafts their story of expertise and passion with honest video interviews from the owners and employees.

Company Culture Through Video

Like Cyndy Lauper begged in her 80s hit True Colors, “Let me see your true colors shine through”, she was talking directly to you, your business and your brand. When you do this, you will find a place in the new era of marketing. Brand and culture now coincide because “you” represent your own unique brand and the stories of the real “you” are the ones that stick. Potential clients want to see these stories via video, blog posts, white papers, emails and every other form of media

The reality is, telling a “sticky” story alone won’t turn you into a global or identifiable brand overnight. The overwhelming majority of businesses must constantly reinvent themselves and their stories to remain relevant to their target audience. Storytelling through video is one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience through an authentic human experience. It not only builds your brand identity and culture, but also humanizes your business.

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