No One's Watching My Video...
What Do I Do!?

by Devon Farrell - Video Designer

Posted on July 15, 2014

Getting Your Video Seen

So you just finished creating a perfect marketing video for you product or service… now what? You need to be ensured that your video will reach the intended audience and accomplish your desired goal. It is important that the video is accessible on different media outlets and viewership can be statistically tracked. Read the following few paragrapds to learn a the fundamentals of video hosting, video marketing and video analytics that you should know before the completion of your video.

For more insight, check out this great video made by Tom and Steve over at about Seeding and Marketing your Video Campaign!

Video Hosting

There are several different options to consider when discussing video hosting. The most popular options such as Youtube or Vimeo are quite useful and efficient, however in order to have a personized all in one video platform, you will want to consider a more robust solution. A few examples of more complex video hosts are Wistia, Vimeo Pro and Brightcove. These web hosting services provide clutter-free, cross platfrom players with valuable business features that can integrate into your marketing automation platform if aplicable.

Video Marketing

A strategic online video marketing plan is key to achieve the greatest return on your video. The new video should be positioned in the upper half of a web page where it will be visible without having to scroll. Add a link to the video into your e-blast, newsletter, email signatures, blog posts and social media. The primary objective is to showcase your video in as many media outlets as as possible in order to maximize viewership.

Video Analytics

Video analytics has become a very popular talking point over the past few years in the digital marketing world. The topic can be complicated but in its simplicity basically means to have the ability to track how many people are viewing your video and understand where those viewers are coming from. Services such as Wistia and Brightcove offer analytics options. One key difference maker is creating a video sitemap. Watch the following video by Tom Edwards from How to Use Video to get a more in depth understanding of implementing a video sitemap:

There are thousands of companies around the world that specialize in video production these days however, smart companies are really looking for a service that can not only provide a powerful video, but can also improve ROI from their video investment. Having extensive knowledge of these 3 key topics, will help your company achieve these objectives and make sure your video will be a success. If you want to chat about your go to market strategy with video, don't hesitate to contact a team member at redcmedia. We enjoy talking strategy and more importantly making new friends.

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