Molly graduated from University of Valley Forge with a degree in digital media studies.  Molly has had experience doing freelance wedding videos and has a passion for music videos. Molly is Red C’s resident drone pilot, flying a DJI Phantom 3. She is also Apple certified in Final Cut Pro. Molly has directed and been jib operator for live productions and has had experience in television news broadcasting. Molly was also classically trained in vaudeville puppeteering by a rabbit named Reg (pronounced Redge, short for Reggie)


Mark is a film studies graduate from the University of Pittsburgh, where in his senior year, he completed his first feature length film.  Since graduating Mark has worked on building an extensive resume including four film festival selections, two documentary grants, an internship at the Comcast headquarters in Philadelphia, as well as filming for Jerseyman/Phillyman Magazine, and the four-time Juno Award winning artist, Arkells. Mark’s strongest skill is video editing, but he has also been shooting and writing since he was twelve years old.  He also has experience in 2-D paper animation, directing, acting, voice acting, singing, songwriting, lighting, and storyboarding.  Mark lives alone in a log cabin with his wife and kids and has not been seen since 1988.


John has always had a passion for film and technology. He graduated from Montgomery County Community College and Philadelphia University with degrees in game production and animation.  He specializes in motion graphics and 3D animation but is well-versed in all forms of digital and print media. His previous work experience includes being a videographer for Philadelphia University, working in the media department of an e-commerce furniture company, and being a part of the game presentations team for the Philadelphia Flyers. John is also a retired lumberjack. He has chopped down many trees and built many log cabins, including the one mark and his family lives in to this day.

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